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Indoor Semi Fitted Car Covers (Stag)

Indoor Semi Fitted Car Covers (Stag)

Supertex is a man-made fabric that has many beneficial qualities for protecting your car. It has a very soft fleece lining giving a quilted feel for additional protection against knocks and potential scratches. It is fully breathable whilst being totally dust proof, similar in concept to Gortex to keep your car clean in the dustiest of garages or barns. Supertex is available in three colours. It is also water resistant which makes it perfect for carports or open barns, even temporary outside use if you need use of the garage. If you have cotton sheets or blankets on a car you could be doing more harm than good for your car. Natural fibres such as cotton absorb moisture from the atmosphere and will feel damp on a cold morning, this is keeping your car damp and will accelerate mildew etc. Also natural fibres are woven together and therefore when stretched gaps in the fibres appear and allow dust through to your car. Thus increasing the potential for scratching. We recommend you remove any natural fibre sheets or covers and treat your car to a cover that works, a Supertex indoor car cover.

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