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Outdoor Car Cover - All Weather with Fleece Lining (Stag)

Outdoor Car Cover - All Weather with Fleece Lining (Stag)

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The Moltex material provides Five layers of protection providing total rain resistance without condensation as the material is similar in design to gortex. Moltex is formed with an outer fibre layer, a perforated polyurethane layer, a second fibre layer and finished with the unique soft fleece inner layer.

The rain is unable to penetrate as the material fibers criss-cross over the perforations allowing the car to breath without allowing the surface tension of the water to be broken to get through the cover. This allows the whole cover to breathe, we do not recommend a fully tailored exterior cover as this fits the car too well and restricts the air circulation.

Only in heavy dew could you possibly find any moisture under the cover as the atmosphere is damp. This then evaporates as soon as the temperature increases due to the materials excellent breathing characteristics, also eliminating sweating and build up of condensation. This in turn helps prevent corrosion and damage to paint. The Super Soft fleece interior lining provides the ultimate environment for protecting paint from scratches and potential UV damage.

Safe to be used all year in most weather conditions. All covers are supplied with a storage bag.

n.b. Covers are designed to cope with general weather conditions, in storms or excessive winds we are unable to guarantee against damage to the cover.

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